7 Reasons Why Businesses Need A New Website

It’s never been a more vital time to have a brand-new website for your business. According to Forbes, in 2023, seventy-one per cent of companies have websites. However, this figure does not account for how current or user-friendly these websites are. Given the internet’s vital role in a company’s success, re-updating a website created nearly a decade ago is not the optimal approach. Instead, a new company website meeting modern standards will demonstrate better outcomes and customer satisfaction. Here are seven reasons why businesses need a new website…

Mobile Device Functionality 

Rather than actively opening a laptop to inquire about a business, clients tend to use their mobile phones. Fixing a website that was never intended to have a mobile phone view can disrupt the flow and appear completely dated from a mobile interface. If clients need help navigating a clunky website on their phones, it can completely derail their experience, leading them to seek alternative services.


Today’s website climate emphasises SEO (search engine optimisation) more than ever. Your existing website, designed in 2014, may be relatively simple to navigate, but if clients can’t find it, you risk ranking low on Google. SEO allows potential clients an effortless journey in discovering your site, which is responsive to their needs and yours. Creating a new website that fully recognises the importance of SEO is an excellent strategy to generate more traction.

Outdated Websites Are Time-Consuming 

Bolting onto an old website can be clunky, and constantly trying to modernise it would be more time-consuming than creating a new one. You’d continuously encounter news bugs or outdated components, causing you to go back and forth trying to re-update the website. The outcome would be an out-of-place website with slightly new elements on an old user system. Old business websites have limitations due to outdated platforms, which can make new upgrades and updates extremely cluttered and disorganised. A fresh start is easier to scale and ensures an efficient medium for you and your clients. 

Improved Performance

An old website will likely face technical issues caused by certain bugs or an outdated CMS (content management system). These variables will detract from the ease with which your website functions, resulting in slow refresh rates, broken links, glitches, and so on. Improved functionality and ease of navigation go hand-in-hand when starting fresh, so you can guarantee you are taking the best steps to ensure peak performance. 

You Need Relevant Branding

A significant issue with business sites is their branding and site need to be more consistent. Dated branding can interfere with how a potential client will perceive your business. First impressions are everything, and if your website isn’t modernised or relevant, clients will find alternative services that are. Starting a new website allows you to redevelop pages for current and future growth.

Advancement In Design Trends 

Because design trends constantly evolve, keeping an old site with a design deemed acceptable in 2011 will appear heavily outdated. A completely refreshed and modernised site that features current trendy designs (link to blog) would stand out amongst competitors. Not only does your website’s branding need to be updated, but so does its overall aesthetic.