7 Top Website Design Trends 2024

Having your own business website is critical, especially for 2024. Since your platform is what first draws customers, it is essential to understand which designs are in trend. Competitors are constantly updating their websites with the latest design trends to ensure an efficient and productive user experience, so you must follow suit! Now that you’re in the design stage for your website, you’ll need to know a few bells and whistles to market your business.

Here are seven design trends that can go the extra mile to provide your clients with a user-friendly experience.

Social Media Integration:

Social media continues to grow and has now become essential for business marketing. There has never been a better moment to connect your social media links and show off short videos about your company on your website. With TikTok’s current emphasis on short, fast videos, including social media integration helps clients grow loyal to your brand. Displaying your social media links on your website can easily fit into your desired design, as these images can be hyperlinks to your Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts.

Intentional Minimalism:

Customers may need help navigating your website if it is cluttered with information and visual content. Nowadays, businesses prefer the ‘less is more’ approach, where minimalism can provide the necessary wow factor. Minimalism is easier to remember in the minds of your customers, so this trend, while visually appealing, is also effective.


Depending on the tone of your site, consider the use of illustrations. Illustrations that can be added to your site could be royalty-free images or even 3D-rendered. 3D graphics can also be used for typography effects, where a heading can be detailed in a manner similar to an illustration. Illustrations can sometimes be the icing on the cake for your site, making it more lighthearted if necessary.


Motion animations within your website design add a playful touch to your user’s experience. It’s rare to find a website without some sort of animation, so this trendy design is almost a requirement for bringing your brand to life.

This trend focuses on specific small details within your website layout. Here are a few examples:
● Image Fading: Images on your home page gradually fade as users scroll lower on the page.
● Animated Logo: An animation, like a specific motion or colour change, will appear when the cursor is on your logo.
● Pop-up: A pop-up window displays additional information or hyperlinks when the cursor hovers over an element.


For a more unique experience, utilising multimedia formats is your go-to! Multimedia, such as videos, gifs, and sounds, can be used to tell a story and make your website more engaging. This could include a video as your website’s background or a video about your company on the About page. Including multimedia in your design can increase the interactivity of your website, which is a huge plus.

Parallax Scrolling:

While there are no hard and fast rules for scrolling, parallax scrolling will certainly enhance your website. For context, parallax scrolling is a visual effect in which a background image remains static while foreground content (text, images, hyperlinks, and so on) moves. This is ideal for a business page because it adds visual interest while not crowding too much information together, which can detract from your website’s ease of navigation.

Large Typography:

Typography isn’t anything new, but it’s also not going out of style. Large typography is an excellent choice for any website, whether for headings or effect. Typography can even be used horizontally on the border of your website for a different effect if desired.
This design choice adds character to your website while making the experience all the more enjoyable for your potential clients.